13 Aug

Drought Inspires Wimmera Sisters to Act


‘All profits from the sale of Wimmera Flour at the August Talbot Farmers Market will be donated to the NSW Farmers Drought’, say sisters Pam and Jenny Gaulke from Wimmera Flour.

Growing up with second and third generation farmers, sisters Jenny and Pam Gaulke know the challenges of making a living from the land. Located on a property in Wonwondah VIC in the Horsham Shire, these innovative producers are keen to support the farmers in NSW who are struggling from persistent drought.

While many NSW farmers are being forced to sell their stock and are desperate to find feed, the sisters who produce Wimmera Flour will donate profits from sales made at the next 19 August, Talbot Farmers Markets to the NSW Farmers Drought Relief.

What is Wimmera Flour?

Wimmera Flour is an organic stone ground flour, made from wheat farmed on an organic broad acre farm in nearby Tarranyurk. The venture was an ambition to make locally produced flour products from small scale operations, giving wheat farmers, restaurateurs and home cooks, alternatives to the big multi-national brands. Buying directly from Jenny and Pam, consumers know that the flour is hand-made and fresh, with a distinct flavour of the region. They support their local farmer by finding new markets to sell their bespoke product. Braving the heat, wind and rain, Pam and Jenny attend a local market most weekends and enjoy sharing the story of their unique flour to inquisitive foodies.

The flour is currently made in small batches on the farm, but the sisters have big ambitions to create a co-op of local farmers to sell their local product to interested foodies and restaurateurs. While Jenny and Pam sell their flour at the Talbot Farmers Market, they are keen to let more people know about their product, how to use it and why it is special. Jenny says” you can use Wimmera Flour in any wholemeal flour recipe, creating special banana breads, scones, lemon cake and specialty breads.” For the home cook who loves to bake their own bread, Wimmera Flour will create a beautiful distinct flavour in your next loaf. For restaurateurs, commercial chefs and café owners, Wimmera Flour can add a uniqueness to lavash bread and other baked products.

You can find Jenny and Pam at the next Talbot Farmers Market on Sunday 19 August from 9am – 1pm. The little Wimmera Flour stall is located on Camp Street, Talbot, just outside the Figtree Café building.