09 Jul

Talbot Farmers Market Supporting Small-Scale Producers

Every third Sunday of the month, the tiny heritage town of Talbot is transformed into a bustling hive of activity as people travel to buy direct from their local farmers, growers and producers. With over 80 stalls of fresh, organic and bio-dynamic products from honey, bread, fruit and vegetables, meat, sauces, oils, preserved goods, handmade herbal teas, soaps, wine and cheeses, you can also buy your live chickens, stock feed and plants.

The unique quality of the Talbot Farmers Market is that it runs alongside the Talbot Hall Markets where there are another 50 stalls offering brique-a-brac, handmade arts and crafts, tools and all sorts of gifts, lotions and potions. Together, these two markets provide local people the opportunity to make and sell their produce directly to the public at a very low cost. This gives farmers, hobbyists, small scale growers and makers a platform to sell what’s in season and bring directly to the people. Customers are able to meet the makers and find out about products, often tasting them before they buy, which is not possible at the supermarket. Meet two of our stall holders below.

New Stall Holder: Gorgeous George Probiotics 

Every month we welcome new stall holders as different products come into season. Adam Court from Gorgeous George Probiotics is one of the Talbot Famers Markets’ newest stall holders. Gorgeous George Probiotics only sell their range of probiotic gut healthy products like Kombucha, sauerkraut, dips, hummus and tzatziki at local markets as it allows them to manage the quality of their product. Adam says, “the markets give us the ability to meet our customers and find out exactly what they think of our products. This was important when we were starting out as it gave us the freedom to experiment with our products and get them right for the customer. We could play with the flavours and educate people on new products like the fermented tea drink, Kombucha.” Kombucha is now their bestselling product, with people enjoying the healthy qualities of the tonic.

Seasoned stall holder: Avonmore Biodynamic Farm, Vineyard and B&B
There are other stall holders who have been with the Talbot Farmers Markets since the beginning, over 14 years. Avonmore Estate is a bio-dynamic farm, vineyard and Bed and Breakfast, just north of Bendigo. They have been selling their biodynamic wines and grape juice for years and rarely miss a market. Farmer, Rob Bryans enjoys meeting his customers at the Talbot Farmers Market. “We sell our wines in other outlets as well as online, but it is the farmers markets that gives us the opportunity to discuss our wines directly with the customers”, says Rob. People can try the wine before they buy, so they know they are going to like it before they take it home. Rob can also talk to people about the differences of bio-dynamic farming and what that means to their wines.

Rob Bryans from Avenmore Farm, Vineyard and B&B

So, rug up your family and four-legged friends, pack your environmentally friendly bags and take a trip to the country this Sunday and visit the Talbot Farmers Markets 15 July, from 9am to 1pm. There are hot food stalls and plenty of coffee carts to keep you going.

Kate Bucknall with Laura and two-year old Talia Smith rug up for the winter shopping experience