01 Sep

Spring 2017

Experience Spring at the Farmers Market

The tiny town of Talbot boasts an authentic country farmers’ market experience, with real livestock, real produce, real farmers and real community spirit.  On market day the town centre is closed to passing traffic, the streets are lined with market stalls and the whole town becomes a vibrant village marketplace.

1000’s of visitors flock to Talbot to wander the beautiful heritage village and explore over 80 regional produce and artisan food stalls, offering seasonal fruit and organic vegetables, local milk, artisan cheese, fresh bread, regional wine, gourmet oils, delicious delicacies and more.  In true country farmers’ market style visitors to Talbot will also find farm animals, stockfeed, cut flowers, plants and seedlings.

Live music can be heard in streets along with cheerful greetings from friends and stallholders as they pass each other on their monthly visit to the farmers’ market.  First stop for many is to one of the coffee vendors before setting off to fill their shopping bags with groceries, then to forage for a yummy breakfast and lunch in the open air food court.

A highlight of any visit to the Talbot Farmers’ Market is the chance to win the famous Barrow Raffle.  Each month the purple wheelbarrow is wheeled through the crowds by market volunteers collecting produce and gourmet products, all kindly donated by the stall holders. The raffle is drawn at 12:30pm on market day and one lucky ticket holder takes home the entire contents of the barrow, whilst all ticket sale proceeds go towards the ongoing running costs of the farmers’ market and to support local community groups.

Talbot Railway Station Nursery

In season: Spring is a busy time in the nursery, more people get out into the garden as the weather warms up and they are looking to purchase new season seedlings and plants.  The warmer weather and longer days mean the plants grow quicker so there is a faster turn around between planting the seed or striking the cutting and having the plant ready to sell.

About Talbot Railway Station Nursery: Each month Ralph pushes his plant cart from his nursery at the nearby Talbot Railway Station to set up stall on Scandinavian Crescent, in the heart of the farmers’ market.  Here he sells a range of drought hardy plants including many varieties of suculants.  Ralph strikes many of his plants from cuttings which are hardy and well suited to local conditions.  Ralph is a wealth of information and many regular market goers make a stop at Ralph’s stall to seek advice and chat about particular plants and their gardens.

Inglenook Dairy

In season: Milk, Cream & NEW product Yogurt

Spring time sees an increase in milk production as the days get longer, warmer and more grass grows. More milk means more work in the dairy to process all the milk.  All the milk is required to be pasteurised, this is done by passing the milk through tubes to 76C, held at that temperature for 15 seconds, before chilled to 3.2C. Some products are homogenised and  some run through a separator.  In total their daily production is about 1000 litres of full-cream unhomogenised milk, 3000 litres full-cream homogenised milk, 2500 litres low-fat milk and 200 litres of cream.

About Inglenook Dairy:  Inglenook Dairy is a family owned business established in 2011 by Troy and Rachel Peterken.  Rachael’s grandmother first settled on the farm in the early 1900s. with six cows and no land and grew it to 20 cows and 20 acres.  The Inglenook Dairy farm, located in Dunnstown near Ballarat, now runs about 250 cows on 400ha.

Inglenook Dairy have been attending the Talbot Farmers Market for over three years selling coffee, milkshakes and their own fresh milk and cream direct from the farm dairy.  Just recently they have began producing their own yoghurt product which is proving very popular with customers.    Visitors to Talbot love that Inglenook Dairy offer an unhomogenised milk which has the ‘cream top’ they remember milk having from their childhood.

Aside from running their own coffee stall at the Talbot Farmers Market, Troy & Rachael of Inglenook Dairy supply to many local cafes and their milk is highly regarded by baristas.  Care is taken on the farm to ensure the correct level of proteins and fats are present in the milk, as if the protein isn’t 3 per cent as a minimum it won’t froth as desired for making coffee.  This is done through careful grazing on a mixed pasture of canola, clover and rye grasses and supplementary feed if required.

Spring time at the Talbot Farmers Market is an exciting time as we emerge from the winter chill and embrace all that the new season has to offer.  As the weather warms up both plants and animals spring to life, it is a time to get out in the garden and get planting and to enjoy the bounty of fresh produce the season brings.

The Talbot Farmers Market is held on the third Sunday every month, Scandinavian Crescent and Camp Street Talbot, from 9am until 1pm.