Thank you for your interest in joining the Talbot Farmers Market.

Talbot Farmers’ Market (TFM) welcomes stallholders who offer:

  • Fresh, high quality, seasonal, regional food and produce

  • Artisan value-added food and farm-based products

Please read the following Market Criteria carefully to ensure your eligibility. If you ARE NOT selling items as listed below, we request you  contact the Talbot Town Hall Market on 0417 476 888.


  1. Fresh produce must be grown in Victoria and preference will be given to:
    a) producers located closest to Talbot.
    b) seasonal produce (rather than preserved, frozen or cool-stored)
    c) organically grown produce
  1. Value-added products such as cheeses, jams, chutneys, etc should be manufactured or grown in Victoria and preference will be given to stallholders who grow their own produce and ingredients.
  1. Produce from original stock that is not able to be grown locally (eg tea and coffee) must be value-added (eg blended, roasted, crushed) in Victoria.
  1. Produce should be grown with nil or minimal chemical use, with relevant information detailed in your application. All produce that is certified organic must display appropriate certification at your stall.
  1. Produce must be of the highest possible quality. Under no circumstances will TFM allow the dumping of sub-standard produce.
  1. The use of plastic carry bags is discouraged. We encourage shoppers to bring their own shopping bags, or use TFM-branded calico bags (available for sale at the information marquee). If you choose to supply plastic carry bags, these should be biodegradable or recyclable.
  1. All ready-to-eat food packaging should be environmentally friendly. Any plastic items should be biodegradable or recyclable. TFM encourages the use of environmentally responsible options such as cornstarch materials for tasting cups, coffee cups and food packs. TFM encourages stallholders to educate customers on appropriate disposal of packaging (eg in recycling bin or compost).
  1. To contain loose goods, we encourage recycled packaging such as paper bags or butchers’ paper. If you choose to supply plastic bags, these should be biodegradable or recyclable.
  1. The number, variety, rent and location of stalls is entirely the right and responsibility of the TFM Committee. We reserve the right to withdraw our invitation to any stall holder who does not comply with the criteria or causes unnecessary conflict within the market.
  1. All produce must be sold by the owner/grower, a family member or farm-based employee directly involved with the growing, rearing, catching or making the product. TFM committee reserve the right to conduct farm, or place of production inspections to verify authenticity of product.
  • RESELLERS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE VENDORS AT TFM.* The TFM committee reserves the right to make an exception to this rule where the reseller is a small business, the product is not currently available within the district and the availability of the product will enhance food choices of the local community.


If you fulfill the criteria and wish to apply for a stall please email

Please include a completed and signed application form. 


Structure of the Market Talbot Farmers’ Market (TFM) is managed by a community-based incorporated association, Talbot Farmers Market Inc.  A management committee represents the local community, stakeholders, farmers, producers & stallholders.

TFM is a not-for-profit organisation.

Stallholder fees and fundraising efforts are used for management, promotion and maintenance of the market and to support our local community.

Market Day & Hours Talbot Farmers’ Market is held from 9am-1pm on the third Sunday of every month during the year. Stallholders must arrive prior to 8:15am and no vehicle movement is permitted within the market area between 8.30am-1pm.

Location & Site Access Stallholders are required to pre-book sites with the Market Co-Ordinator, as only bookings gain entry.

Access to the site is from 6.30am via Camp Street and the southern end of Scandinavian Crescent, Talbot.  There is no access through the Talbot Town Hall Market area.

Site access and parking will be directed by the TFM Co-Ordinator and TFM volunteers, who can be identified by purple aprons and/or fluorescent vests.

To enable emergency vehicle access, only vehicles approved by TFM committee will be permitted on site (eg refrigerated vans and producers with ‘tonnage’). Stallholder parking is available on the streets surrounding the market and in the Talbot Kindergarten carpark.

Please exercise extreme caution when driving around Talbot on market day.

Sites A standard stall site is 3 x 3 metres approximately and is suitable for a trestle table and marquee.

  • Vehicles must not stay on site during the market unless by special arrangement.
  • Stallholders are assigned regular sites; however, please note that these are not permanent sites and stallholders may be moved for the purposes of market organisation.
  • The TFM Committee has the right to change the market layout/sites accordingly.

Please note: Stalls are positioned on the roadway, therefore marquees are not able to be secured with tent pegs into the ground. Marquees must be secured on each corner with suitable weights to ensure the secure fastening of structures.

Site Presentation The presentation of your site is your responsibility and its appeal will have an impact on your sales. When or if you sell out, do not pack up your stall; rather, write a ‘sold out, see you next time’ or similar note for disappointed customers and then go have a look around Talbot until 1pm.

Site Fees Site fees as of 1st January 2019 are: $40 per 3 x 3 site. Stall fees are subject to change at the discretion of the Committee.

  • All new stall-holders are required to pay three months in advance with no refund if you do not attend all three markets
  • Double stalls may be available upon application.
  • Additional fees apply to powered sites (if available) and sites requiring onsite vehicle/trailer.

Stall Staff Stalls must be staffed by people genuinely involved in the business and production of the goods for sale. If you (the applicant) cannot attend the market, those who represent you must act in accordance with the Market Criteria, actively engaging with the public and embracing the spirit of the market – and display ‘hands-on’ knowledge of your product.

Weather Contingency Stallholders should provide their own weatherproof covering or shade (depending on the season) and must have weights to anchor marquees in gusty winds.

Labelling All produce is to be clearly identified as required by the food and health labelling regulations.

  • The origins of the produce and products are to be clearly communicated, distinguishing the identity of farmer, farm, region, processor or food manufacturing business.
  • All value-added produce is to be labelled in accordance with prevailing food safety regulations.
  • Only certified organic produce may be labelled organic, and sellers who claim organic certification status must display their ‘Certified Organic’ certificate on their stall.

Pricing The total product price must be clearly displayed, including GST if applicable. TFM aims to educate consumers on the true value of the cost of production of food.

Stall Equipment As a stallholder, you are expected to supply all the equipment needed to conduct your business – including marquee, weights, trestle tables, generators (if required)

Scales TFM suggests that stall-holders price by the unit (bag, bunch, bottle, bucket, handful) not by weight. If you use scales, you will be required to supply up to date proof of recent testing and calibration.

Power & Gas A very limited number of powered sites are available. If you need to cook, you should bring your own gas-cooking equipment/generator/inverter and advise the Market Coordinator to ensure we can assess safety and space requirements.

  • NB: All electrical cords and appliances must be ‘tagged and tested’ by a licenced electrician. Gas cylinders should have current compliance plate. All gas appliances must adhere to OHS regulations

Disputes If there is a dispute, or a stallholder is unclear about TFM Market Criteria, Operational Regulations or site issues, the TFM Committee decision is final. Day-to-day issues will be resolved by the TFM Committee or representative, who will assure compliance by delivering fair warning for alleged infringements – either verbally or, if necessary, in writing. If the dispute is not resolved, the TFM representative may recommend permanent removal of the stallholder’s booking.

Toilets Toilets are located in Pioneer Park (Scandinavian Crescent) and in RSL Park (Heales Street). There is also a unisex toilet at the end of the London House veranda and more toilets at the rear of the Community Centre.

Barrow Raffle TFM’s main fundraising effort is the monthly Barrow Raffle. Each stallholder is asked to contribute to the Barrow Raffle prize. All proceeds go towards the operational and marketing costs of the market and back into the local community.

Committee The TFM Committee comprises a mix of passionate locals and stallholders, and meets on a Monday prior to each market, at 7.30pm in the Talbot Tennis Club rooms. We welcome the addition of stallholders to the committee and encourage attendance at our meetings. The annual general meeting is held in August of each year.

Health Regulations All stallholders (with the exception of non-edible food stalls) are responsible for obtaining a Statement of Trade permit. This document is available online at There is no fee for this permit. Upon acceptance of your application, a copy of your Statement of Trade must be submitted to TFM and updates must be provided annually (October).

Food and Alcohol Food cooked on site at the market must comply with food safety requirements. Anyone selling alcoholic beverages must obtain the appropriate license from Liquor Licensing Victoria.

  • Information on liquor licenses may be found at Alcohol licenses must be displayed and relevant regulations must be abided by.

Legal, Insurance & Public Liability Stallholders must have their own Product and/or Public Liability insurance. A copy of your Certificate of Currency must be submitted to TFM with your application and updates provided annually. (These are collected in October/ November every year)

Waste & Recycling All waste from your stall must be taken away with you. Please do not dispose of stall waste in town rubbish bins or recycling bins, as these are primarily for visitor use.